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Fun Board Games: Bringing Family Nostalgia in 2019

Date : 6th July 2019

Nostalgia is an underrated emotion. But it’s incredibly powerful. There's a reason, after all, why the likes of Nintendo and Parle G still tout a big following. Because, today, they sell consumers the nostalgia of the good memories they had with the brand in the past.

This is the exact same reason why, in recent times, board games are making a big comeback. Not necessarily because they are more fun than Angry Birds or PUBG (even though they are), but because they carry the nostalgia of the time that family members would spend together in the early days. Because they represent an era of livelinessin the family that packed chatters and banters, NOT typing and tweeting.

Remember That Time?

There was no phone. When bored and free, the choice was limited. Popping the board game was one of the foremost choices – more so for families with kids. Monopoly, for the large part of the last half-a-century, dominated this segment. Scrabble, risk, ludo, and carom were other popular names. In short, if you ask anyone who is in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s, the conversations around board games would usually open a Pandora of past recollections of happy family times.

This exact nostalgia is bringing the board games back in the mainstream now.

Of course, there are a few other reasons. For one, more aware of the effects of social media on their kids, parents are now proactively introducing their little ones to these classic games.

The Resurgence of Board Games

Now they aren’t as “classic”. To keep up with today’s pace and changed preference, we have countless new award-winning board games, each with unique concepts and stakes, designed to play alone or with the entire family.

Moreover, these games aren’t necessarily just targeted to the kids. Split into diverse genres, they are equally ideal for everyone – from the teenagers to a middle-aged working dad to grandma. The genre includes adventure, puzzle, party, abstract, action, more.

To keep up with this nostalgic resurgence of board games, retail outlets like Starmark have up the ante. They have introduced more types and varieties, targeting various consumer base with unique offerings.

Bring Back The Magical Family Time

Yes, you’re busy. We all are! But down the line you won’t reminisce how busy you wereyears back. Instead, you will search for happy memories to re-live. So, while you have time in the present, make sure you make enough memories with the family for the future-you.

Give your gadgets some rest and re-create the magic of good ol’ “family time”… Not just for the sake of nostalgia but to actually have a fun escape from your hecticroutine to win some giggles and joys with your parents, kids, siblings and/or spouse.

Play with your friends during night-overs. Play with your kids before hitting the bed. Play with your parents to create some new memories with them. Or just play alone to regroup and rejuvenate yourself.

Mentioned already, in view of the recent demand surge, the market is spilling with many new and updated varieties of board games. Irrespective of your preference, occasion and who you’re going to play with, these games have you covered from every angle. Trivia, mystery, more –there’s plenty to choose whatever gives you the kick. Make your purchase today. Thousands of people are already doing it!