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Days of Old : Days of Gold

Date : 20th August 2019

On one hand there are umpteen variables that divide us as human beings, such as- geography, culture, religion etc and on the other hand there are constants that unite us beyond everything else. Music being one of these, sure tastes differ, preferences differ; but at the end of the day, the universal language of music tides over all. Period.

Imagine how life would have been without the legendary voice of Jimmy Hendrix or the upbeat music of Queen. How empty would it feel without the soulfulness of NusratFateh Ali Khan or the timeless vocals of R D Burman. Unfathomable isn’t it? It is because music has always been the whole and soul of human existence. Way before we had the convenience of music on our phones and inconvenience of not having 3.5 mm jacks in our iPhones, we had the ancestor of all- the LP players.

For today’s generation LP players are like floppy disks, doesn’t ring a bell, does it? Exactly the point. LP stands for Long Playing which was another name for the more popularly used term ‘record’. Records were vinyl discs that could play music over a record player, which consisted of a needle that would move over the surface of the disc, playing music and creating magic. The disc consisted of 30-50 minutes of music and approximately 10-12 tracks, which was pretty long as per that time, hence the name long playing. These players were a must in the wealthy homes of the past and could not be missed in any place of stature. Till date, they are a testimony to the music of old and the unending beauty of music that will exist perpetually. Today, this great grandfather of the lineage of music players has made a comeback and has become a favourite among those looking for a trip down memory lane or time travel to the past. Try browsing Starmark for Vinyl Records and you will find a host of vinyl discs, players and even electronic variants in today's date and age. There has been a resurgence of old, because as it is rightfully said, old is gold and just like the yellow precious stone, the value keeps appreciating with passing day and age. The records, players and even the music of old have returned and are here to stay.

These players for music aficionados are what typewriters are for wordsmiths. They are a symbol of class, of an undying passion for music. More than that they are a sign of luxury, opulence and are collector’s pride in the truest sense. These players bring back with themselves not only the essence of old, but also carry the ancestry and legacy of music, that has not only been carried over ages, but over generations. So whenever you wish to bring this legacy into your life, you can walk through our doors and carry with yourself a piece of history forever.