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E-Books vs. Printed Books: Which is Better?

Date : 27th November 2019

With time, everything is switching to digital. Similar is the case with books. Book lovers are now reading their favorite novels as eBooks on their digital devices. However, at times, it difficult to decide between printed books and eBooks. Each comes with its own advantages.

Reasons to Read Printed Books

  • The feel of the paper is an important factor for avid readers. A digital device doesn’t give you the feeling that you get when you hold the book in your hand. The nice binding and smell of paper all contribute to this feeling.
  • When you have printed books, you can easily share them with your colleagues or friends. However, paid eBooks can only be used from one account. This means a purchased eBook cannot be shared with a friend without sharing the account.
  • If you like a particular phrase in a novel, you can highlight it or underline it in a different color. You can also write notes. However, this feature is limited in an eBook.
  • You can easily flip through the pages of a printed book. It is not easy to go back and forth on a digital book. Thus, if you have to refer to something which has been mentioned in the previous pages, you can do it in seconds.
  • There is no need to carry a charger to charge your printed book. It doesn’t need any electrical power and you can carry them anywhere you want.
  • When you have to buy a book, you can easily take a look at them at the Starmark store. By taking a glance, you will come to know if it is worth spending money on. This is something that you cannot do with eBooks.

Reasons to Read e-Books

  • Reading an eBook is easy as you just need one hand to use it. You can read your eBook reader lying down, sitting, or standing. Moreover, the in-built light allows you to read your book in the dark without eyestrain.
  • An eBook reader like Kindle is pretty lightweight and you can carry thousands of books in just one device without worrying about heaviness. This can prove to be beneficial if you are going on a long tour and need more than one book.
  • EBooks usually come with an inbuilt dictionary, X-ray feature, and Wikipedia. The X-ray feature gives you a summary of the eBook and an introduction to the characters. With the in-built dictionary, simply tap on the word you do not understand to know its meaning.

Ultimately the question of which one is better comes down to your personal choice. Whatever, you choose, it is available at the Starmark stores.

So choose your pick and head to your nearest Starmark Store because an extra book does nothing but only good to the brain!