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Ways to Cultivate a Reading Habit in the Year to Come

Date : 28th December 2019

Are you having trouble reading a book that you have bought or have picked up from the library? Many of us who like to read but tend to get distracted by our phones or the television. This way you keep dragging a book for months until you get tired of reading the same book and just stop reading.

In case you are weary of this routine and want to cultivate a reading habit, here are some ways you can follow.

Get a Good Book
Know that reading is enjoyable only when you have a good book in hand. In case you are reading a boring book and you are just pushing yourself through the pages, it will just seem like a chore. When you see this happening with a book you have chosen, simply abandon it and find a new one that you love. You should always find books that will keep you engaged and going. Even if they are not masterpieces but makes you want to read it, you should go for it as it is the real goal here.

Get a Book Companion
You can join a book club where you will get to discuss different books and the ideas and concepts covered by them. If you make reading a social endeavor, it will help you to maintain and develop a reading habit. When you have a companion, you can read the same book at the same time and discuss it whenever you meet. You companion can be someone with whom you share similar taste in books. Swap books with your buddy. The aim is social interaction which can improve your reading experience while helping you stay on track with the reading goals.

Carry a Book Everywhere you Go
Wherever you are going, you should take your book with you. You can take it to the office to read it during your free time or on any trip. Even you do not read it continuously, you can read it when you have time. This can be an excellent way to pass your time.

Look for a Quiet Place
Look for a place in your home where you can sit down or curl up comfortably with your book without any kind of interruptions. Make sure that this is away from your computer or television. Also, keep your phone away. This will keep you from being distracted. In case you do not have such a place at your home, you should create one, immediately.

Make it Pleasurable
The reading time should be your favorite time of the day. While you are reading, have some tea or coffee, or some kind of treat. If there is a beach close to your house, you can go there and read.

Prepare a List
You should prepare a list of the books that you would love to read. Keep this in your pocket notebook or journal. Whenever you hear about a good book, add it to the list. When you are done reading one from the list, cross it out. This helps you get in the mood to read more and more books and tick them off the list.